For almost 20 years, Priscilla has researched and written books and articles on a wide range of subjects for a variety of clients. A former education reporter for The Milwaukee Journal, she now works as a freelancer specializing in education issues and local history. Her work has appeared in publications such as: Kappan (Phi Delta Kappan International), R&D Alert (WestEd), Journal of Staff Development (Learning Forward), School Administrator (American Association of School Administrators), Teaching Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center), and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Women Making a Difference: American Association of University Women in Milwaukee, 1894-2012

Published in 2012 by The Milwaukee Branch of The AAUW

Women Making a Difference chronicles the founding, growth, and accomplishments of one of AAUW's most distinguished local branches. Its founding members, all college graduates at a time when such a feat was a rarity, dedicated the organization to a unique mission: to encourage young women to go to college. Over four generations, its members engaged in fellowship, self-study, and community service. Their most significant accomplishment: an ambitious scholarship program that changed lives.

The book-which features scores of anecdotes, numerous personality profiles, and more than 200 images, including many vintage photographs from the branch's archival collection-stands as a tribute to the foresight and hard work of a group of remarkable women and an inspiration to their successors.

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Selected articles:

  • Having Allies Makes a Difference | Kappan, February 2013
  • The Promises and Challenges of Dual Enrollment | R&D Alert, September 2010
  • The Slowdown of the Multiage Classroom | School Administrator, March 2005
  • Ethics in the Superintendency | School Administrator, September 2004
  • Let's Talk About Sex: Why Aren't We Telling Kids the Whole Story? | Rethinking Schools, 2003