Priscilla Pardini is a University of Chicago-trained manuscript editor whose corporate clients include the International Reading Association and Learning Forward. She works as well for academics and other professionals, editing manuscripts on education, local history, and business. She also edits personal memoir and fiction. Her skills include working with an author to develop a draft, querying an author regarding missing or confusing information, polishing a manuscript, correcting errors, and ensuring correct style. She is trained in both Chicago and AP Style.

Forging a Family Tradition: The History of Walker Forge

Published in 2013 by Walker Forge Inc.

The story of the Walker Family and Walker Forge Inc. is a story of the American dream in action. From John Walker of the 1850s to Will Walker, who in the twenty-first century took the helm as the third-generation leader of the company, a strain of determination and adaptability can be traced through the family genetics. A fascination with manufacturing and the challenge of working with a material as enduring as steel has entranced the Walker men from early on to today. Though the economy has at times tested their mettle, the Walkers have persevered, weathered challenging times, and brought the best talent together to forge their dream.